2.2 Protocol Detail
  • 23 Sep 2022
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2.2 Protocol Detail

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2.2 Protocol Detail

Licensed and available protocols can be viewed and managed directly from the Side Navbar under 'Protocols'.

2.2.1 Understanding the List Page

When looking at the Protocol List page, there are details shown on the page that make it easy to establish the current state and status of each protocol.  Item 1: Navigation

Sidebar Navigation location and touch target Item 2: Licensed Protocol Item Preview

The protocol item preview shows basic details about each protocol in the list.   See the below figure for further details.  Item 3: Un-Licensed Protocol Item (locked)

An unlicensed protocol will still be visible in the protocol list, however will not be accessible in the system.

2.2.2 The Protocol Detail Page

The protocol detail page can be reached by selecting a protocol's navigation link.  The protocol detail page contains basic information about the settings applied the protocol.  Item 1: Basic Details

The basic details of the device are listed at the top.  

  • Name: The name character string given for the device
  • Description: The description character string given for the device.
  • Keep Alive Attempts Before Failure: Set the number of retries that a device instance will attempt before propagating its failed status.
  • Scans to Wait Before Retry After Failure: Set the number of scans to wait before a retry connect attempt will occur, after a failed status has happened.  The number of scans in seconds is determined by the scan rate setting of the device, refer to Device Detail  for more on settings the scan rate of a device instance.  Item 2: Helpful Links

Some specialty settings have an 'Info' icon next to them that when hovered, will display helpful descriptions of an item.  Item 3: New Device Selection

When creating a new device, you can select the 'New Device' option at the top right of the screen.  This will navigate you to the new device page, and will allow you to configure a new device,  Item 4: Manage the Device

Located at the top right of the basic details pane, there are two (2) icon options for the device.  Item 5: Enable / Disable

A protocol can be enabled or disabled.  

  • Enable: Adds the protocol to the execution schedule, and any associated, enabled devices and tags will also be executed.  
  • Disable: Removes the protocol from the execution schedule, and will stop updating any associated devices and tags.

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